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Twain Harte Hotels

One question I seen Travelers asks everyday is for cheap Hotel Booking, people ask for reliable, cheap and quick hotel booking website. I have been traveling for past 10 years and I used a great deal for these websites, so I'll give you a tip which website to use.
Here are the my own experiences with some best and most trusted Hotel Booking Engines. - Yatra is not for those who have slow internet connections because website takes lot of time for you to load. Use it only if you're American or India going to USA or India because then only you'll receive good deals. Do not fall because of their Twain Harte Hotels simply because they work like 2 times out of 10 - Nice and quick, it has huge listing of budget hotels, you can filter results according to your budget so there isn't to appear through pages for 2 star hotel or 2 star hotel, you can simply filter the effect, gives complete information on hotel including nearby travel site. But What I love the absolute most about this amazing site is eleventh hour booking and easy cancellation.
Makemytrip - Again same task pretty slow website takes hell of a time for you to book a resort, sometimes their booking engine stops in between and you have to start over again.
Travelocity - Travelocity is good website its not that slow and has huge amounts of hotels but problem is that mostly are of US cities and few major world cities, budget hotels doesn't appears in the list. - Over 57,000 hotels worldwide but very expansive, they charge bundle to cancellation and have hardly any cheap hotels listed.
Twain Harte Hotels - Most disgusting website, they often don't even confirm booking via email, need to book at the very least 7 days in advance.
I've written my own experiences of using each one of these websites. Everything you consider this perhaps you have used some of these websites. Please share your views in comments.
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